March 27, 2018

Why a Custom Framed Original is Worth the Investment

Why a Custom Framed Original is Worth the Investment.

I Eat Ferrari

There are times when you see a painting that seems to be talking directly to you. It resonates with your soul. Owning art isn't about being an expert who sips fine wine with a raised pinky in a luxurious gallery. It's about having a piece that you love so much it makes you feel good each and every time you see it in your home. It is about your friends that come over and compliment you and your style while reaffirming it is indeed something special. Once you find that kind of artwork, that's the time to invest in a custom framed original from Scotty.

What makes an original so special?

When you finally fall in love with an image, there is nothing more special than owning the original. Even with modern high-tech scanners and printers a giclée, which is an archival-quality copy of the original, still cannot perfectly transcribe the hand of the artist. Side by side, the differences are instantly recognizable, even to the novice. The original's colors are brighter, the details are more crisp and the soul of the artist is evident in the texture of each brush stroke.

To frame or not to frame?

If a piece caught your eye in canvas alone, it will be even more amazing with the right frame.You will surely have no shortage of options for framers in your local area. Many framers and galleries will offer various levels of complexity and quality, but it is important that the style also fits the decor of the artwork's new home. That's where there is no replacement for having the artist himself custom build you a frame that fits both the content of the painting as well as ensuring it fits in your home.

Does Fine Art by Scotty do custom frames?

Yes! Scotty has built plenty of custom frames for collectors. It's a fun process for him to select materials and shapes that complement the content of each piece. While they may not be the most inexpensive option, there is no substitute for the artist who created your favorite piece, to also craft the perfect frame to match. We recognize that an original is a real investment, and the perfect frame, done by the artist, enhances that investment.

The above video, shows one such example of doing the custom framed original of I Eat Ferrari. Moreover, many of the Studio Editions (click to view) already ship with a custom frame made by Scotty. Contact us below to get yours ordered.

Ready to hear more?

I Eat Ferrari

Owning an original from Scotty is a special event. You are now apart of our collector family. When you finally find the piece you love, consider a custom frame from Scotty to truly make it a one-of-a-kind.

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