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The Vault, a sleek, artistically edgy commercial space in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter, will provide a memorable setting for any private party, art opening or corporate event.

This remarkable 1,700-square-foot loft inside the 1929 historic Samuel L. Fox building has been transformed into a fantastical warren of crafted steel scaffolding, winding staircases, undulating catwalks, playful portholes, and hidden nooks that invite guests to wander and mingle.

The unforgettable result is an entertainment venue that has the vibe of a New York nightclub and the look of a fantasy world right out of Jules Verne – and all without losing the warmth and intimacy of a stylish loft home.

A freestanding steel mezzanine creates an open, second-story above the original floor, forming multiple rooms and nooks that add another 1,000 square-feet of entertainment space. A series of catwalks wind through the loft, connecting the various viewing areas and intimate lounges, allowing guests to flow through the loft without ever feeling disconnected from the main ground-floor event space.

Every aspect of the Vault has been uniquely designed and handcrafted: from the bar and kitchen areas forged in steel and burnished with jewel-like red and black patinas to the two spacious bathrooms complete with old bank-like “Vault” doors.
The Vault features a fully equipped commercial kitchen and a separate, fully equipped bar area. There is also a unique projection/entertainment screen that measures 5’x 10’ inset into one wall. The screen can be used for corporate presentations, slide shows, movies or as a window to the world outside via a live camera feed from the bustling streets of the Gaslamp Quarter.

The Vault is the creation of San Diego artist Scotty Ziegler, whose paintings, sculptures and custom jewelry are sought by discerning collectors worldwide. Scotty’s own artistic themes are reflected in the Vault’s lush colors, and cutting-edge design.

The Vault provides a unique, timeless experience that will delight the eye and stir the emotions. Once inside, you are captive to its carefree agenda. It is the ultimate Sexy Cool experience.

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