Lord Bongo and Princess Rocket

The beautiful love story of Scotty and Angie was masterfully authored into a short story by their eldest daughter, Brooke, known as The Adventures of Lord Bongo and Princess Rocket. The book was her version of a “Daddy Gift” on Christmas one year, a special tradition of handmade gifts Scotty makes every year for his two daughters. Follow along as Lord Bongo and Princess Rocket search for themselves and find each other. This fairy tale for all ages was inspired by the true story of how they were met and married in 32 days; a reminder that soulmates DO exist.
Princess Rocket Logo

Princess Rocket™ Logo

Princess Rocket™ is of course Scotty’s beautiful wife, Angie. She and Scotty have been together for more than 30 years and continue to have fun with each other every day.

Lord Bongo and Princess Rocket Unobtainium Logo

Creators of Unobtainium

Together, they are “Creators of Unobtanium,” another Scottyism. For him, the search for Unobtanium was the constant drive to be original, create the unique and do what hasn’t even been imagined.

Lord Bongo Splatter Logo

Lord Bongo™ Logo

Scotty integrated details from his signet, with which he personally stamps each painting and combined it with a custom designed script for the logo.


Lord Bongo is Scotty’s alter ego. King of his manor, Scotty was known for being a bit of parking stickler. With a wife, two daughters and the constant flow of business traffic and deliveries, he was constantly “critiquing” how each vehicle fit on the curvy driveway. As he pontificated about the importance of efficient parking, he earned the official appointment to his Lordship from his family.


Scotty always strives to be the master of whatever craft he starts. When he began in the fine art business, he noticed many reproduction companies used weak frames and poor stretching techniques which yielded giclees that furled in the wind like a sail. He therefore developed a proprietary technique to stretch each canvas in house. Over a specially designed and reinforced frame, the canvases are transformed to as tight as a ‘bongo’ drum. When his eldest daughter was learning the procedure, she would lightly tap on the painting until the deep bass sound brought Scotty running to inspect the work.

Lord Bongo™

Loathing at the idea of calling their father just Lord, the official appointment came from his children and Lord Bongo™ was born. He continues to rule the manor with his wife Angie, Princess Rocket™. Just one of the many fun stories about Scotty and his world.

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