January 27, 2017

Fine Art by Scotty January 2017 Newsletter

Fine Art by Scotty January 2017 Newsletter

Thank you for taking the time to read the Fine Art by Scotty January 2017 Newsletter. First and foremost, Happy New Year to all of you! We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration here in San Diego with lots of friends and family. Scotty got to have his brother home for the holidays; something he hasn't been able to do in 40 years.


We truly have the best collectors in the world and we intend to keep it that way. Building Scotty's portfolio and taking care of collectors has been the number one priority over the past few years. We also recognize that our collectors come from all over the world and want them to interact with us even when they cannot physically be in one of Scotty's galleries to browse. So, we are relaunching fineartbyscotty.com this year and we hope you will like the changes. We appreciate your feedback in the form below.

We have a completely new format for the Gallery (Click here for the Full Gallery) to make it easier to view every painting, such as the Cross Pieces which come with a hand-crafted, silver pendant that is signed and numbered to match the artwork. Stay tuned for videos in which Scotty will tell you what was in his brain as he painted each piece.

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If you are new to Fine Art by Scotty, take the time to read about his background and watch the videos. His decades of experience in materials, engineering and manufacturing will be integrated even more into his art to make some of the most unique pieces to date. Signing up for our newsletter at the footer of this page will ensure you are the first to hear about his latest pieces.

Social Media

One of Scotty and Angie's favorite parts of the business is meeting and getting to know their collectors one on one. They have made many great friends over the years and it continues to grow. Both love staying in touch and social media has helped them do just that. Our pages keep you connected where ever you are and we encourage you to follow us @fineartbyscotty. You will not only see all the new art, but you will get to know Scotty on a more personal level. Click the icons below and thank you in advance for all your support.

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Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017

We had an incredible time at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017. It was amazing to see so many past collectors this year and add new ones to the family as well. Scotty was filled with energy and ideas to make next year even better!

This year from January 14th - 22nd, we were front and center in the vendor section with an updated layout and even more art if you can believe that! Scotty debuted several new pieces including his collection of Scotty Customs. For those of you that have not seen them yet, Scotty occasionally pulls a few numbers out of an edition and turns them into a Scotty Custom. These extremely rare pieces showcase Scotty's creativity and eye for beauty to make the unique designs on various media. Get them while you can as they are exceedingly limited and won't last long.


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Toy Box

We constantly have people asking about all of Scotty's wild creations, known as the Toy Box (Click here to see the Toy Box). The magic of Scotty's creations is not just the results, but the fascinating stories that go with each one. Thus, we have uploaded photos and a little back story behind each build. In the coming months, you will see more of Scotty telling you about them first-hand via our YouTube channel Fine Art by Scotty. Be sure subscribe.

Keep Us Informed

Let us know if there are things you would like us to have on our website. If you find something is not working well, please send feedback below or email the Webmaster at webmaster@fineartbyscotty.com.

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Thank you for making this experience such an enjoyment. We hope to hear from you soon.

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-Fine Art by Scotty Team


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